[lang_hr]U galeriji C8 u organizaciji Arheološkog muzeja Istre i Povijesnog i pomorskog muzeja Istre, u sklopu izložbe „Gajba i tić- pokriveno i raskrito u seksualnosti Istre“ 24. siječnja 2018 . s početkom u 19 sati održat će se predavanje Erotsko i sveto histarske situlske umjetnosti doc.dr. Ma...

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KULTURISTRA – Webpage of the Department of Culture of the Region of Istria

Kulturistra.hr is a website project that was startedby the Region of Istria and Metamedij Association with the goal to develop the cultural information services in the Region of Istria.
The project wants to offer information about recent events, as well as give access to different data bases, which will contain information about all the people involved in the Istrian cultural scene, cultural events, international contests, and potential international partners. This project aims to improve the communication on the vertical and horizontal level, which means between cultural institutions of the Region of Istria, between institutions and artists, and between the cultural institutions, artists, and the public.



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