People from Rojc in Karlovac

Time: January 22, 2010

Place: Youth Centre, Karlovac

Organization: Association for Creative Development „Domaći“ from Karlovac


On Friday the Youth Centre in Karlovac will host the opening of the exhibition titled „People from Rojc“. The exhibition is a picturesque story about the tenants of the Social Centre Karlo Rojc in Pula.

The Karlo Rojc Centre is the former building of the Austro-Hungarian naval school, which was later used by the Italian army and the army of the former state of Yugoslavia. The barracks are today transformed into the centre of city associations, one of the largest of the kind in Europe.

After the Yugoslavian army had left the premises, the bulding which was once inhabited by 5000 soldiers, was abandoned and demolished. For several years the building was used as a centre for refugees. In 1998 first tenants moved into the centre: Dr. Inat Theatre and Zaro Wind Orchestra. They were followed by the Metamedij Association, Monte Paradiso, Suncokret, Zelena Istra, associations of national societies and many others. This building, which is located in the centre of Pula, is today the home of around 100 associations and presents an example of successful transformation of a military object, with the aim to serve public purposes.

The exhibition presents a story about this unique centre and its tenants. The photographs were taken between 2005 and 2008 by the members of the Photo group KaPula.

Up to now, the exhibition has been staged in Pula, Osijek, Čakovec, Rijeka and Zagreb.

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