Istrian Historical Society founded

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Today the Department of Humanities of the University of Juraj Dobrila in Pula hosted the press conference organized on the occasion of the foundation of the Istrian Historical Society. Sc. D. Maurizio Levak, the president of the association, informed the audience about the reasons for launching this project, plans for the future and other details linked to the society.

According to Maurizio Levak, the Istrian Historical Society is an association which will be focused on the research of Istrian history and which will gather historians who tackle the topic of Istrian history. Members of the society will publish their researches in their journal, which represents the first and the most important project of the association. The journal will be published yearly and will cover topics from the prehistorical times up to the modern era.

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Articles will be dedicated not only to the history of the Croatian part of Istria, but also the areas which are today parts of Slovenia and Italy. The doors of the society are not open only to historians, but to everybody who is interested in history. Students are welcome, as well, because the activities of the society can act as a motivation for their future scientific researches. The association also plans to organize round tables, lectures and scientific conferences.

One of the aims of the society is the promotion of the historical research and popularization of history. Levak has stressed the need to illustrate to people, especially to students, that history is not a boring subject, and that it can be interesting if presented correctly.

Institutions which participated in the project:

Odjel za humanističke znanosti Sveučilišta u Puli (Department of Humanities if the University in Pula)

Sveučilišna knjižnica (University Library)

Centar za povijesna istraživanja Rovinj (Centre for Historical Research Rovinj)

Povijesni muzej Istre (Museum of History of Istria)

Državni arhiv u Pazinu (State Archives in Pazin)

Institut društvenih znanosti „Ivo Pilar“ – Centar Pula (Institute of Social Studies „Ivo Pilar“ – Pula)

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