20 years of Castropola Library

Time: November 18, 2010

Place: Castropola Library, Pula


The 20th anniversary of Castropola Library will be celebrated on Thursday, November 18, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., with an appropriate program.

The program is dedicated to the founder of the library – the poet Boško Obradović. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet writers Boris Domagoj Biletić, Drago Orlić, Roberta Razzi and the actress Jadranka Đokić. Within the framework of the 20th anniversary of Castropola Library, visitors will enjoy a 20% discount on all books.

Castropola, “library and antiquity shop on the first floor”, was opened with a seven-day program by Boško Obradović twenty years ago, on November 1, 1990, in Istarska Street, under the slogan: “The first library and antiquity shop in Pula after fifty years”. The library was founded by Boško Obradović, Magdalena Vodopija and Zoran Vodopija.

The first books at the library and the antiquity shop were provided by the Obradović family  and more than a hundred contributors from Pula and Istria. The library was not created only by its founders, but was built by numerous artists, book lovers, librarians, professors…

The characteristic of the library which made it famous outside Istria is the particular way of promoting books, publishers and authors, which was accepted immediately and without constraints by the public, readers, publishers and the cultural audience. The program titled „Morning with a book“, which usually takes place around noon, has regularly provided the citizens of Pula with the opportunity to meet numerous authors in a relaxed atmoshere, without pompous announcements and speeches. During the years, the library hosted around 150 authors and has organized around 20 promotions per year. This number was multiplied within the framework of Pula Book Fairs.

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