„Urbana Istra 80-ih“ in Pula

Time: December 2, 2010

Place: Pula, MMC Luka

On December 2 at noon, MMC Luka in Pula will host the round table and the presentation of the project XIIxII for 2011 „Urbana Istra 80-ih“ (Urban Istria of the 1980’s).

The project is aimed toward the preservation of the non-tangible cultural heritage. In the case of the publication titled „Urbana Istra 80-ih“, the project aims to produce a document of the period laden with creative and emotional charge.

„XIIxII Urbana Istra 80-ih“ will be realised through visual arts and music – as a calendar and a CD. The visual segment is of a photo-documentary character: it unites twelve authorial photographs by seven Istrian artists (Vladimir Bugarin, Danilo Dragosavac, Igor Dražić, Sergio Gobbo, Dario Sošić i Rajko Tasić). The photographs present documents of places and events which played an important role in the 1980’s and became parts of the collective memory of the particular Istrian town.

Beside the introductory presentation, the promotion of the calendar and the CD and the opening of the exhibition of authorial photographs, the round table titled „Urban Istria in the 1980’s“ will gather renowned guests from the worlds of visual arts, literature and music: Boris Domagoj Biletić, Sven Dukić, Miodrag Kalčić Kina, Mladen Lučić Luc, Edi Maružin, Gorka Ostojić Cvajner, Gordana Restović, Branimir Sljepčević Brada, Sale Veruda, Mirjana Grahovac Vojinović.

Vladimir Torbica, the head of the department for culture of the Region of Istria, who stands behind the project, will provide an insight into this year’s undertaking. The event will be accompanied by the screening of more than 100 authorial photographs taken by Igor Dražić, who tried to capture the important events of the 1980’s.

To see the calendar, click here.

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