Jazz editions of traditional songs


The orchestra led by Sigi Feigl has created an album based on the traditional melodies of the native countries of the members of the HGM Jazz Orchestra, among which are Istrian musicians Branko Sterpin (trumpet), Luka Žužić (trombone) and Miron Hauser (trombone).

The album „HGM plays our songs“ includes eight compositions, two of which are traditional Croatian songs: „Vuprem oči“ and „Ča je more“.

The jazz edition of the Macedonian traditional song „Jovano, Jovanke“ Miron Hauser plays a solo on trombone. Branko Sterpin has a solo part in the rendition of the Serbian traditional song „Svilen konac“ and Luka Žužić in „Ča je more“.

Neven Frangeš, the jazz pianist and composer, emphasizes the fact that the album includes original interpretations, not imitations. Michael Philip Mossman and Don Menza, the arrangers, protected the original themes.

Source: http://www.glasistre.hr/kultura/vijest/307433

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