The 64th Pula Film Festival was presented on May 17 at the French Institute Mediatheque in Zagreb today. The festival will run from July 15 through July 22, 2017.

EJ2A4876Gordana Restović, Festival director, presented all the important information regarding the organisation of the festival. She expressed her satisfaction with the extremely strong edition of this year’s 64th national film festival, and emphasized that preparations are in their final stages and are running as planned. Zlatko Vidačković, artistic director, presented this year’s Croatian programme, the most abundant yet, presenting the Croatian films and minority co-productions, as well as members of the jury for the Croatian programme. He has expressed his satisfaction with the extremely high number of Croatian films that have been submitted. This is, programme-wise, one of the most abundant festival editions in the history of Croatian cinematography, Vidačković said. Daniel Rafaelić, director of Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC), thanked the artistic director of Pula Film Festival, who brought back Developing films. He expressed his great enthusiasm that this year’s Pula Film Festival had placed focus on Croatian film and heritage, and the fact that Pula represents a centre of premiere films. 

The extremely large interest of authors shows that Croatian film has been growing year after year, and that the audience of the Pula Film Festival, the largest festival of Croatian film, can rightly expect the best films of Croatian production.

EJ2A4858It is with great pleasure that we can say that, following months of organisation and preparations, we are now going into the very finish of the upcoming 64th edition of the most important national film festivals. We are happy about this extremely large and important Festival, which keeps growing with years, which keeps welcoming an increasing number of directors and producers, and keeps presenting the best of Croatian cinematography. Organising the Festival requires great dedication, responsibility and creativity in the work of all of the people involved, as well as our expert associates. The entire atmosphere surrounding Pula Film Festival kicks in much before the official opening, and continues long after the closing, as the films are intended to be shown to the audience, who come in large numbers, confirming that we are on the right path. This year, without being falsely modest, we are presenting the largest number of films from the Croatian programme to date. The objective of the Festival has always been to promote film art, and with it culture as well, by providing film artists with the opportunity to find their place in front of a large audience – the audience who have been coming to the Festival for generations to watch films in the ancient Arena, the largest open-air cinema. The Festival aims to pool professionals from the film industry and to provide them with an opportunity to network and exchange experiences through professional programmes and cooperation with various institutions, Restović said.

Croatian programme of the 64th Pula Film Festival

The Croatian programme of the 64th Pula Film Festival, which will be held July 15 to July 22, will show 16 Croatian films and 11 co-productions, of which 13 Croatian films and 6 co-productions are in the competition to win Golden Arena awards.

The Pula Arena will show Croatian premieres of films Agape by Branko Schmidt, Mrtve ribe by Kristijan Milić, Kratki izlet by Igor Bezinović, Fuck off I love you by Anđel Jurkas, Dom by Darijo Pleić and Raspuštenice by Stanislav Tomić. Pula will be premiering films Zbog tebe by Anđel Jurkas, Goran by Nevio Marasović and Ne gledaj mi u pijat by Hana Jušić.

The following films will be shown in the competition of this year’s 64th Pula Film Festival: ZG 80 by Igor Šeregi, Ustav Republike Hrvatske by Rajko Grlić, Uzbuna na Zelenom Vrhu by Čejen Černić and Anka by Dejan Aćimović.

The following films will be shown out of comptition: Transmania, omnibus by a group of authors and Jedno ubojstvo za van by Luka Duvančić. There will also be a special cinema showing of Egzorcizam, a horror by Dalibor Matanić.

The competition in the programme of minority co-productions includes Sieranevada by Cristi Puiu (co-production of Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, France and Croatia), Bulgarian-Croatian Roumena by Zornitsa Sophia, Polish-Bosnian-Croatian Catalina by Denijal Hasanović, Serbian-Croatian Dnevnik mašinovođe by Miloš Radović, Dutch-Belgian-Croatian Dan kada je moj otac postao grm by Nicole van Kilsdonk and Kuća drugih by Rusudan Glurjidze (co-production of Georgia, Russia, Spain and Croatia). Films that will be shown out of competition are Slovenian-Croatian Pođi sa mnom by Igor Šterka, Belgian-Croatian Uzvodno rijekom by Marion Hänsel, Italian-Croatian Babilonske sestre by Gigi Roccati, Bosnian-Croatian Hiljadarka by Nenad Đurić, and Bosnian-Slovenian-Croatian Naša svakodnevna priča by Ines Tanović.

This year’s awards in the Croatian programmes will be decided by the jury headed by last year’s laureate, director Zrinko Ogresta, with members of the jury including set designer Mladen Ožbolt, costume designer Ivana Zozoli, actor Vedran Živolić and film critic Josip Grozdanić.

The organisers said there will soon be news concerning other film programmes of this year’s Pula Film Festival. The films in the Short Pula and International Programme will be announced shorty.

Sanja Milinović, Head of Direct marketing approach of Hrvatski Telekom said she was very satisfied with the fact that Hrvatski Telekom is traditionally once again supporting Pula and the 64th edition of Pula Film Festival: Fifteen years of very good cooperation with Pula Film Festival speak to the fact that it is an event of exceptional importance for Croatia, both in cinematography and culture as a whole. We are therefore extremely happy about the cooperation at this, the 64th edition of the Festival. With many first-rate Croatian and international films that will be shown at the 64th Pula Film Festival, we are happy to be able to announce that once again this year, we will be bringing several first-rate films to MAXtv Video Store and MAXtv To Go platforms, immediately after their festival showings, for all film lovers who unfortunately will not be able to come to Pula.We invite you to come to Pula Film Festival and enjoy the films and the wonderful atmosphere of the Pula Arena, or to watch top-line films from the festival on MAXtv platforms.

 More information on all of the programmes of the 64th Pula Film Festival can be found here:

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