Four Elements – One Love – Exhibition in Pula

Vrijeme: od 14. do 15. kolovoza 2009. Mjesto: Metamedija Klub, Karlo Rojc, Pula Organizator: Udruga Metamedij, Udruga Element Time: 14th – 15th of August, 2009 Place: Metamedia Club, Karlo Rojc Barracks, Pula Organization: Metamedij Association, Element Association Data: 14 e 15 agosto ...

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Winners of the Art Competition Ex Tempore – Castrum Sancti L...

Vrijeme: 10. kolovoza 2009. Mjesto: Sveti Lovreč Organizator: Općina Sveti Lovreč Time: the 10th of August, 2009 Place: Sveti Lovreč Organization: Municipality of Sveti Lovreč --------------------------------------------------------- Na likovnom natječaju «Ex Tempore – Castrum...

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Two Works, One Idea – Exhibition by Vladimir Frelih in Rovinj

Vrijeme: od 14. kolovoza do 20. rujna 2009. Mjesto: Mala galerija Zavičajnog muzeja Grada Rovinja Organizator: Zavičajni muzej Grada Rovinja Time: the 14th of August – the 20th of September, 2009 Place: Little Gallery of the Regional Museum of the Town of Rovinj Organization: Regional Mu...

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La Scaña del Domingo – Concert in Pazin

Vrijeme: 14. kolovoza 2009. Mjesto: Pazinski kaštel, Pazin Organizator: PRO Music, Pazin Time: the 14th of August, 2009 Place: Pazin Castle, Pazin Organization: PRO Music, Pazin Data: 14 agosto 2009 Luogo: Castello di Pisino, Pisino Organizzatore: PRO Music, Pisino -------------...

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Boško Petrović and Sumer Jazz Club – concert in Rovinj

Vrijeme: 13. kolovoza 2009. Mjesto: Hotel Park, Rovinj Organizator: Maistra d. d., Rovinj Time: the 13th of August, 2009 Place: Park Hotel, Rovinj Organization: Maistra d.d., Rovinj Data: 13 agosto 2009 Luogo: Hotel Park, Rovigno Organizzatore: Maistra d. d., Rovigno ------------...

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Marino Tartaglia – Exhibition at the Adris Gallery

Vrijeme: od 5. kolovoza do 4. listopada 2009. Mjesto: Galerija Adris, Rovinj Organizator: Adris Grupa, Rovinj Time: the 5th of August – the 4th of October, 2009 Place: Adris Gallery, Rovinj Organization: Adris Group, Rovinj Data: dal 5 agosto al 4 ottobre 2009 Luogo: Galleria Adris, ...

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Interactive Installations at the Media Mediterranea Festival

Vrijeme: 11. kolovoza 2009. Mjesto: ex Galerija Milotić, Trg Forum, Pula Organizator: Udruga Metamedij Time: the 11th of August, 2009 Place: former Milotić Gallery, Forum Square, Pula Organization: Metamedij Association --------------------------------------------------------- Sinoć...

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Romeo and Juliet at the Islands of Brijuni

Vrijeme: od 13. do 16. kolovoza 2009. Mjesto: Tvrđava Minor – Mali Brijun Organizator: Kazalište Ulysses Time: the 13th of August – the 16th of August, 2009 Place: Fort Minor, Island of Mali Brijun Organization: Ulysses Theatre Data: dal 13 al 16 agosto 2009 Luogo: Forte Minor –...

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Sándor Papp – Concert in Vrsar

Vrijeme: 13. kolovoza 2009. Mjesto: Bazilika Sv. Marije od Mora Organizator: Festival More i Gitare Time: the 13th of August, 2009 Place: St. Mary of the Sea Basilica, Vrsar Organization: "Sea and Guitars" Festival Data: 13 agosto 2009 Luogo: Basilica di S. Maria del Mare, Orsera (Vrsar...

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Mutations II – Exhibition by Marina Pacenti in Poreč

Vrijeme: od 13. kolovoza do 26. rujna 2009. Mjesto: Mala galerija POU Poreč Organizator: Pučko otvoreno učilište Poreč Time: the 13th of August – the 26th of August, 2009 Place: Little Gallery of the Open University Poreč Organization: Open University Poreč Data: dal 13 agos...

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KULTURISTRA – Webpage of the Department of Culture of the Region of Istria is a website project that was startedby the Region of Istria and Metamedij Association with the goal to develop the cultural information services in the Region of Istria.
The project wants to offer information about recent events, as well as give access to different data bases, which will contain information about all the people involved in the Istrian cultural scene, cultural events, international contests, and potential international partners. This project aims to improve the communication on the vertical and horizontal level, which means between cultural institutions of the Region of Istria, between institutions and artists, and between the cultural institutions, artists, and the public.



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