Žarko Vrezec – Exhibition in Pula

Time: the 7th of August – the 20th of August, 2009

Place: Milotić Gallery, Pula

Organization: Milotić Gallery, Pula



On the 7th of August at 8 p.m. the Milotić Gallery in Pula will host the opening of the exhibition titled «Journal Sketches» by Žarko Vrezec.

The exhibition will present paintings in acrylic technique, created during the last ten years.

««Journal Sketches» are very powerful, although small in size. They represent an embodiment of author’s physical and emotional states, his vitality and creative yearnings, and are for that reason mysterious and complex. The paintings create a sense of peace and lead the spectator into worlds of individual interpretation and meditation. They offer aesthetic pleasures in this world of chaos and unrest.» – stated Nives Marvin (the director of the Meduza Gallery which is a part of the «Obalna Galerija» in Piran).

Žarko Vrezec was born in  Ljubljana in 1950, where he studied at the Art Academy. Since 1972 he exhibited his works within frameworks of more than a 100 solo and about 350 joint exhibitions (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Spain, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Lithuania, Turkey, Egypt, Canada, USA, Cuba, Panama).

He has won 27 national and international awards for painting (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, Spain, Poland, Egypt).

He currently lives and works in Ljubljana as an independent artist.

The exhibition is on view until the 20th of August.

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