Music Summer Camp – Tinjan

Time: the 9th of August – the 16th of August, 2009

Place: Tinjan

Organization: Krug Association, Municipality of Tinjan



From the 9th to the 16th of August the Istrian town of Tinjan will host the Music Summer Camp.

The camp is organized for children attending music schools (elementary or high schools) from Croatia and Slovenia and for music teachers. The project purports to promote a new and creative way of approaching the music, under the professional guidance of Croatian and foreign professors and pedagogues.

This year’s programme is dedicated to three instruments: accordion, piano and percussions. Within the period of seven days, filled with instrumental and theoretical work, which will take place from the early morning to the evening, the children will have the opportunity to go sight-seeing, attend concerts, visit the beach and enjoy their time in Tinjan.

They will also be able to get familiar with the beauty of Istria, socialize with the local people and experience life on the coast.

The joint performance of all participants will take place on the last day of the programme.

The Music Summer Camp is organized by the Association for Creative Development through Music «Krug». The association was founded by enthusiasts, academicians and pedagogues in April of 2007, with the aim of bringing the music closer to children and adults in a creative way.

Through accordion, piano, drums and singing courses, the organization focuses its efforts on two different areas, popular music and the music prescribed by the programme of national schools.

An accordion orchestra of about ten members was also founded within the framework of the association. Annualy they organize several concerts and a festival (Festival of Young Musicians «Zlatni kosir», Christmas and Spring Concerts).

Professors at the Association:  Helena Mostarkić, (accordion and music theory); Izabella Sabo, (piano, solfeggio, singing); Tomislav Novak, (accordion and leading ž an accordion orchestra) and Vedran Bužleta (percussions).


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