Olive, Woman, Life – Exhibition by Saša Matjašič in Labin

Time: the 8th of August, 2009

Place: Alvona Gallery, Labin

Organization: Alvona Gallery, Labin



On the 8th of August at 9 p.m. the Alvona Gallery in Labin will host the opening of the solo exhibition of sculptures in olive wood by Saša Matjašič, sculpturer and designer from Fažana.

The author will present sculptures and photographs of different structures of olive wood.

Professor Vera Kos Paliska has stated in the exhibition catalogue that Matjšič is the artist of emotions, intellect, perfect technical performance and creative level. He has always sought inspiration in the most common Istrian motives: Istrian cow, goat, fish and olive. Matjašič is the greatest admirer of olives, which he turns into a work of art. He studies the olive and deduces forms and structures out of its natural aspect.

Matjašič was born in Pula in 1955. He graduated in engineering at the Faculty of engineering and naval construction in Zagreb. He left his job after nine years of practice and started to engage in applied arts. Beside sculpturing he, also designs interiors of private houses, public and sacral spaces. His favourite material is olive wood. Matjašič has staged exhibitions in Istria, Slovenia and, recently, in Italy. He is a member of the Association of visual artists «UFUKAS». He lives and works in Fažana near Pula.

The exhibition will be on view until the 16th of August.

Working hours: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

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