View of the Town – Exhibition in Grožnjan

Time: the 8th of August – the 28th of August, 2009

Place: Town Gallery Fonticus, Grožnjan

Organization: Town Gallery Fonticus, Grožnjan



On the 8th of August at 9 p.m. the Town Gallery Fonticus in Grožnjan will host the opening of the joint thematic exhibition of works selected by the HULU Split titled «View of the Town».

The audience will have the opportunity to see works by the following artist from Split: Zoran Alajbeg, Mateo Perasović, Duška Boban, Sonja Gašperov, Petar Grimani, Vojin Hraste, Nataša Pavlov, Vedran Perkov, Viktor Popović, Kristina Restović and Boris Šitum.

The authors provide different, often critical views of the town of Split, its social and political domain.

Duška Boban and Boris Šitum are members of the Associaton for Contemporary Art «Kvart» from Split. In his works Šitum combines two dominant iconographies : religion and football fans, emphasizing the strong emotional charge which is inherent to these phenomena, and creating a new, contemporary icon.

Duška Boban will present her photo-collages representing forgotten and desolate landscapes.

Mateo Perasović and Zoran Alajbeg will introduce their photographic presentations of devastated natural resources and Petar Grimani will exhibit his photo-documentation titled «Sheep and Fish» from 2005.

Vojin Hraste («Projekt Toma Bebić»), Vedran Perkov («Instant Monument») and Sonja Gašperov deal with the sculpture in public areas and the understanding of it.

Nataša Pavlov and her hermetic work will point to the state of helplessness, ever more present among the younger generations of artists, and Viktor Popović will present his installation formed as a cage.

«Work of Kristina Restović was created as a part of the cycle titled «Places». It represents the author’s connection to places and times which have formed her and her dialogue with actual and imaginary categories.» – stated Jasminka Babić, art historian, curator at the Art Gallery in Split and author of the project.

The exhibition will be on view until the 28th of August.


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