All colors of Novigrad – Exhibition by Maura Rovatti

Time: the 3rd of August – the 23rd of August, 2009

Place: Rigo Gallery, Novigrad

Organization: Rigo Gallery, Novigrad


maura rovatti

On the 3rd of August the «Rigo Gallery» in Novigrad hosted the opening of the exhibition «All colors of Novigrad» by Maura Montanari Rovatti (Italy).

This project (photo-collages, installations) has been created during 2009. It comprises 32 interconnected elements which together form a whole.

The exhibition also covers earlier works (from 2002 and 2007), which represent author’s view of nature, spring and wine (cycle «Il vino e la luna»). Rovatti uses combined technique, powerful color associations and stressed textures.

The author has picturesquely described her work: «My paintings resemble sculptures; white, black and red cliffs which enclose the small Istrian peninsula: a large hand of stone which looks as it tamed the sea, a black granite rock of melted chocolate, lake landscapes inhabited by pebbles, plants and fish, polished by water and wind, in which the water emerges and disappears, a comfortable marble armchair from which one can admire this beautiful blue sea, the multitude of seas, sometimes calm, sometimes so violent that they throw their waves up against Venetian walls, which circumscribe houses located in the maze of narrow streets and parks, constellation of trees and pines, which seem to sail across the starry sky.

Powerful sculptures of different shapes, water, stone, red earth and vegatation are the soul of Novigrad and they all represent its energy, which became the simbol of its expression and conceptual beauty.

As I regard the multiple aspects of landscape, I suddenly become unable to understand if I am watching or is the nature peeking into my contemplation!

And, so amazed by the beauty of this place, I like to discover the secret boiling-points through the drawings, the dynamics of which are spelling the rhythm of geometrical signs, which recreate identity of Novigrad.

I have used 32 sheets of paper, which linked together, become a homogenous construction defined by the intimate function of individuality and the group, meaning that every painting can represent one story by itself, while it takes on new meaning when connected with others. In that case the painting expresses new strength and power of color of the soul.»

Maura M. Rovatti was born in Italy in 1944. She graduated in Modern Literature, with additional emphasis on Art History. She has exhibited her works in Italy and abroad.

The exhibition is on view until the 23rd of August (every day: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m., 6 p.m. – 11 p.m.).

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