South Seas’ Comfort in Pula

Time: 2009

Place: Pula

Organization: Istrian Branch of the Association of Croatian Writers



Natalija Grgorinić and Ognjen Rađa, two Croatian writers, have written and published their new book titled «South Seas’ Comfort».

The authors themselves can describe their work best: «With sunburnt faces and salty feet, we anounce that our book came to life on this midsummer hot day. «The South Seas’ Comfort» is the most pleasant full board for two, overlooking a sand beach of words and a romantic sunset behind the tongue (or the thickest expensive collection of stories you can’t ignore). Twenty-seven stories, short stories, small stories, big stories, long stories on 285 degrees Celsius – serve in the shade, two times a day, before and after contemplating about the meaning of life, love, dialogue, truth, change, in the clinch of passionately entwined extremities.»

Stories came to life in the period between 1996 and 2003. About twenty of them have been published in Croatian literary magazines.

Two stories from the collection («Eleanor Rigby», «North Cross») are published online: .

The book was published by the Istrian Branch of the Association of Croatian Writers, as the final volume of the «Mlada Istra» (Young Istria) Edition.

Natalija Grgorinić and Ognjen Rađen are a couple of authors from Pula. They have been writing together for the past six years and during that period about twenty of their stories have been published in different Croatian literary magazines and newspapers («Mogućnosti», «Tragovi», «Plima», «Republika», «Nova Istra», «Vijenac», «Homo volans», «Studentski list») and broadcasted  (Hrvatski radio III. program).

They were both journalists and worked at several Croatian daily newspapers («Glas Istre»,»Republika», «Večernji list», «Jutarnji list») and magazines  («Vijenac», «Homo volans», «Studentski list», «Tjednik», «Arkzin»). The authors have also contributed to the radio shows «Marulova Korablja» and «Bibliovizor» and worked at the Radio «Maestral» in Pula as journalists and editors.

They have won two second places in the competition «Ideja Istra 2000» for original ideas in the domain of promotion  of Istrian culture, history and tourism.

Their first novel «Raj» (Paradise) has won first prize at the literary contest «Laurus Nobilis» (novel was published in 2001 by the Open University of the Town of Poreč).

They have also participated in the competition for the best short SF story within the framework of the «Istrakon» in 2002. Three of their stories were listed among best works and included into the collection «Tvar koja nedostaje».

Their second novel «Gdje se noga spaja s drugom nogom» (Where one leg comes together with the other leg) was published by «Nova knjiga Rast» from Zagreb in 2003. After they had achieved success in Croatia, they moved to the USA (Los Angeles, Cleveland), where they currently live and work. They teach at the Department of English Language and Literature at the “Case Western Reserve University” in Cleveland, where they conduct researches on collaborative authorship.

E-magazine available at: .

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