Messmatik – Finalist of the Celeste Prize 2009 in Berlin

Time: from the 25th to the 28th of September, 2009

Place: Alte AEG Fabrik, Berlin

Organization: Celeste Prize (Associazione Culturale L’Albero Celeste)


celeste prize 2009

Croatian artist Davor Sanvincenti, also known as Messmatik, entered the finals of the international contest «Celeste Prize 2009» (Berlin) in the «Live Media Category».

«Celeste Prize» is an international prize launched by an Italian non-profit cultural association «Associazione Culturale L’Albero Celeste», in order to promote contemporary art and an online network for art professionals and friends.

This contest enables artists and other art world professionals to share experiences, knowledge and creativity within a global art community. The festival comprises several categories, and the peculiarity is the fact that the finalist artists themselves decide about the final winner.

pixel wind 1

«Celeste» jurors Adrienne Goehler, Victoria Lu, Mark Gisbourne and Claudio Sinatti have selected the names of the 46 «Celeste Prize 2009» finalists, who will exhibit their works in Berlin from the 25th to the 28th of September and vote the 40,000 € prize money.

Messmatik, Croatian visual artist of Istrian origin, is among the finalists in the «Live Media Category». During the exhibition in Berlin he will present his work titled «Pixel Wind», a live media performance made in cooperation with Fennesz in Graz during the Spring Festival 2009. Through the eye of a 82 years old camera, the project portrays a social landscape which is devoid of any romanticism. Through its crackling structure, the live act explores and reveals a research of the essence of seeing and hearing.

pixel wind 2

Although his works mostly deal with the creation of perceptual scenarios, over the last years Messmatik has been interested in the research of the audiovisual media and questioning of the culture of the visual. His interactive installations, created at the intersection of video and performance art, have been exhibited all over the world and his videoinstallation «1001» became a part of the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. Messmatik is also a winner of numerous international awards (Winner of the Granagular Documentary Contest in Barcelona in 2008, third prize at the T-HT MSU Contest in Zagreb in 2008, second prize at the Photodays Contest in Rovinj in 2008, etc.) and has acted as the coordinator of various workshops («Vj-ing – Crossover and Techniques» at the Media Mediterranea Festival in Pula in 2008, «Visual Interventions in Public Spaces and Landscapes» at the Seven Days of Creation Festival in Pazin in 2007, etc.).


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