Tamara Obrovac won the PIF Award

Vrijeme: od 29. kolovoza do 4. rujna 2009. Mjesto: Zagreb Organizator: Međunarodni centar za usluge u kulturi (MCUK), Zagreb Time: from the 29th of August to the 4th of September, 2009 Place: Zagreb Organization: MCUK, Zagreb ---------------------------------------------------------- ...

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Buzet Days 2009 – Scientific Conference

Vrijeme: 4. rujna 2009. Mjesto: Narodni dom, Buzet Organizator: Katedra Čakavskog sabora Buzet i Pučko otvoreno učilište Augustin Vivoda Time: the 4th of September, 2009 Place: Narodni dom (Popular Centre), Buzet Organization: Department of the Čakavian Parliament Buzet, «Augustin V...

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Jazz Session at the Pula Cathedral

Vrijeme: 2. rujna 2009. Mjesto: Katedrala, Pula Organizator: Organum histriae, Umag Time: the 2nd of September, 2009 Place: Cathedral, Pula Organization: Organum Histriae, Umag ------------------------------------------------------- Više od dvije stotine ljudi sinoć je došlo u puls...

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Tamara O’Byrne – Exhibition in Labin

Vrijeme: od 5. do 15. rujna 2009. Mjesto: Galerija Alvona, Labin Organizator: Galerija Alvona, Labin Time: from the 5th to the 15th of September, 2009 Place: Alvona Gallery, Labin Organization: Alvona Gallery, Labin Data: dal 5 al 15 settembre 2009 Luogo: Galleria Alvona, Albona Organiz...

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Giostra 2009 in Poreč

Vrijeme: od 6. do 13. rujna 2009. Mjesto: Poreč Organizator: Studio 053, Poreč Time: from the 6th to the 13th of September, 2009 Place: Poreč Organization: Studio 053, Poreč Data: dal 6 al 13 settembre 2009 Luogo: Parenzo Organizzatore: Studio 053, Parenzo ------------------------...

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Zlatko Kopljar – Exhibition in Pula

Vrijeme: od 3. do 15. rujna 2009. Mjesto: MMC Luka, Pula Organizator: HDLU Istre Time: the 3rd of September – the 15th of September, 2009 Place: MMC Luka, Pula Organization: Croatian Association of Visual Artists of Istria Data: dal 3 al 15 settembre 2009 Luogo: Centro multimediale Luka,...

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Istrian poets in Bedekovčina

Vrijeme: 05. rujna 2009. Mjesto: Bedekovčina Organizator: Udruga Pinta i općina Bedekovčina Time: the 5th of September, 2009 Place: Bedekovčina Organization: Pinta Association, Municipality of Bedekovčina Data: 5 settembre 2009 Luogo: Bedekovčina Organizzatore: Associazione Pin...

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Opening ceremony of the 12th International Festival Organum His...

Vrijeme: 1. rujna 2009. Mjesto: Župna crkva Marijina uznesenja, Umag Organizator: Organum histriae, Umag Time: the 1st of September, 2009 Place: Parish Church of the Assumption of Mary, Umag Organization: Organum Histriae, Umag -------------------------------------------------------...

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Formations – Exhibition by Jadranka Ostić in Pula

Vrijeme: od 4. do 17. rujna 2009. Mjesto: Galerija Milotić, Pula Organizator: Galerija Milotić, Pula Time: the 4th of September – the 17th of September, 2009 Place: Milotić Gallery, Pula Organization: Milotić Gallery, Pula Data: dal 4 al 17 settembre 2009 Luogo: Galleria Milotić, ...

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Jasna Tkalec – Exhibition in Pula

Vrijeme: od 4. do 12. rujna 2009. Mjesto: Galerija Stari grad, Pula Organizator: ULIKS, Pula Time: the 4th of September – the 12th of September, 2009 Place: Stari grad Gallery Organization: ULIKS, Pula Data: dal 4 al 12 settembre 2009 Luogo: Galleria Stari grad, Pola Organizzatore: UL...

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KULTURISTRA – Webpage of the Department of Culture of the Region of Istria is a website project that was startedby the Region of Istria and Metamedij Association with the goal to develop the cultural information services in the Region of Istria.
The project wants to offer information about recent events, as well as give access to different data bases, which will contain information about all the people involved in the Istrian cultural scene, cultural events, international contests, and potential international partners. This project aims to improve the communication on the vertical and horizontal level, which means between cultural institutions of the Region of Istria, between institutions and artists, and between the cultural institutions, artists, and the public.



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